Unwanted Birthday Cake

A friend took me out for my birthday this past weekend. I chose Cheddars, where I had my low cal dinner all planned out. I was going to order grilled salmon, broccoli, rice and a plain sweet potato. Perfect! All was going well until my friend suddenly announced to the waitress, “We’re celebrating her birthday today!” ‘Yikes’ I though, this will mean she wants to bring me a piece of cake. I immediately told her I didn’t want any cake, and that’s when things got weird. ”Oh?” my friend questioned. “Just a little piece? They really have the best cake … Continue reading Unwanted Birthday Cake

The Real Reason You Should Be Losing Weight

There are so many benefits to not being overweight. For me, one of the best ones is looking good in photos, especially those on social media. And especially those that I’m tagged in unexpectedly. When I finally look good in those pictures it will be so rewarding. Not being embarrassed about my appearance is something that I’m really striving for. Another benefit of losing weight will be when I can finally shop in the regular size clothing department and not the plus sizes. There is so much more to choose from. Not to mention how much better I’ll look in … Continue reading The Real Reason You Should Be Losing Weight

Is Your Dream Dress Size Realistic?

Usually I’m okay with being a 2X. After all, there’s plenty of clothes that fit me in stores today. Lot’s of people are overweight so I don’t feel like I stand out. It’s not such a bad size anymore. But sometimes the “thin bug” hits me, and all of a sudden I want to be a size 10 again. This usually happens when I’m shopping for clothes. I hate it when I have to walk past thousands of beautiful regular size clothes at Kohls and head for the more limited plus-sized department at the back of the store. I usually … Continue reading Is Your Dream Dress Size Realistic?

Do You Overthink Little Things?

Do you ever get overwhelmed at the though of doing something? This happens to me just about every day. Certainly every week. Take today for example. We needed to move a large paver inside the garage. We’re using it to set under a mini fridge that’s going in my son’s room. I washed it right after bringing it home from Home Depot. I wanted as much crud off of it before I set it on the new carpeting. I left it outside to dry and now it was raining on it again. He’s going to be back home tomorrow. Now … Continue reading Do You Overthink Little Things?

You Don’t Need To Lose A Ton Of Weight To Be Clothes Confident!

  A size 10 pair of pants would be a dream come true for me. Honestly, right now I am comfortably in a 20. But there’s good news! This week I discovered that we don’t have to lose 40 or 50 pounds in order to look and feel good about our clothes. Here’s what happened. “Winter” hit Florida. We’ve had highs in the 50’s and lows in the 40’s. My usual attire of stretchy shorts and a t-shirt doesn’t keep me warm so I’ve been forced to pull out some old pants. That’s when I discovered something amazing. I don’t … Continue reading You Don’t Need To Lose A Ton Of Weight To Be Clothes Confident!

Watch How You Talk About Your Weight

Sometimes I feel like my eating and my weight is my own personal business. But it’s not entirely. I found that out the hard way. If we have families, they’re our number one audience. Especially our kids. It’s so essential to set good examples for them, especially our daughters. I had a somewhat bad experience with my daughter. She remembers a time when she was about 8 and she overheard me calling myself fat and being quite upset with my state  at the time. I must have been having a bad day, and I had forgotten all about it over … Continue reading Watch How You Talk About Your Weight