Dealing With Sugary Fall Treats


Healthy, Not Perfect

Halloween is an especially dangerous time for me. Seriously it is. I really have a problem with sugar. I remember taking my kids trick or treating and eating the candy that they didn’t like even when we were walking around the neighborhood. When we got home and sorted it all out, my munching continued. I don’t think they noticed that I ate half of their candy over time when they were at school. Just a few pieces a day weren’t missed.

My kids are too old to trick or treat anymore, but this week I still had to watch out for candy corn. At my church I lead a craft class every Wednesday. We usually make hand stamped greeting cards. But this week I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make little treat bags filled with candy corn. Here’s a picture of what they looked like:


We had so much fun making these! But in order to not face too much temptation, I bought the candy corn just hours before class yesterday. And I decided in advance that if there was any leftover I would ask the girls to take it home, or toss it in the trash right there at church. No way was I going to bring it home with me.

My plan worked perfectly! I had just enough (3 bags) of candy corn for our project and none leftover. The fact that the girls loved munching their way through the class probably helped. But I’m so glad that I know myself enough to know that that candy was dangerous to me and that I made plans to keep it away from me.

It’s just one more little way I’m ditching the sugar and keeping focused on losing weight.

Copyright: 5second / 123RF Stock Photo

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