The Importance of Not Giving Up

In the past, a day like today is the day I would have given up. For sure.

Last night I passed on a piece of Pineapple Cake that my son bought. I said no when my mom offered me cookies earlier this week.  Skipped the cookies at church. I ate only at my appointed times of 9, 12, 3 and 6. I went to bed hungry some nights. Tough it out, I told myself. It will be worth it on Wednesday.


I remember having the same thing happen years ago. I counted Points all week long. I went to Weight Watchers and got on the scale. I gained that week and I never went back. And that’s just one example. There are too many to count.

If I had stuck with any of those times and just tried harder the following week I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The reason for my gain is that I think my food choices were too caloric this week. Not for all meals, but for some. For example this past Saturday my Mom took my hubby and me out for pizza. It’s a local place that doesn’t grease up the crust, which is pretty thin anyway. We ordered a whole pie, but I only had 2 pieces. Not bad considering that was my whole lunch. We went there because she didn’t want to spend a lot of money. The three of us ate for $15.00.

Before we left to pick her up, Clark asked me if we could go someplace healthier. (He’s trying to lose weight too.) I said no because of the cost. I understand that, and I couldn’t ask her to take us somewhere else.

Sometimes pizza just happens.

I really believe that we can have an occasional piece of pizza and still lose weight. If we can’t, our lives are almost undoable. We can’t ask people to take us to more expensive places just to avoid it. And when I have a leader’s meeting after church and they serve pizza it’s better to have a couple of slices than none at all and then pigging out when I get home 2 hours later.

Unless we isolate ourselves, situations like this seem inevitable. I’m sure that the key to this losing weight thing is not giving up when I gain a little one week, and training myself to eat a little less. And that’s just what I’m planning on doing today. Not giving up.

The Pineapple Cake is still on the counter this morning. But I’m not going there. I’m going back on the scale next Wednesday morning. And with that, grabbing a cup of cottage cheese for breakfast.


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