How I Fought Free Cookies And Won!

oie_Dax1YnJHRdXqMentally I am giving myself a gold medal today. Last night I could have easily gained a pound or two. Seriously.

I lead a Wednesday Craft Group at my church, and occasionally leaders have to volunteer to serve Wednesday night dinners. Last night was my night. Normally I encourage people watching their weight to not volunteer for things like that but I couldn’t get out of it.

It was bad for a couple of reasons. First, I had to leave at 5:00. I usually eat dinner at 6:00, but I ate at 4:30 instead. And it wasn’t even a “real” kind of dinner. Just some leftovers and a handful of almonds. I was still a little hungry when I left. Second, they had cookies for dessert. Three kinds! Chocolate Chip, Shortbread and Lemon Bites from Sam’s Club. I had to serve food while staring at those cookies for an hour. There were so many leftover that I had to take them out in the dining hall and ask if anyone wanted more. Hardly anyone did. (Who are these people and how do they not want cookies!?)

So I had the perfect opportunity to grab a handful for myself. But I didn’t!

To make matters worse, our church gets leftover baked goods from Panera (it’s available to all non-profits who will go pick them up at the end of the day. Way to go Panera!) Usually there’s a lot of bagels and loaves of bread. But last night there was a bag that had two of those shaped iced sugar cookies. You know the really good kind. The kind I never buy. These were pumpkins. Oh my goodness I really wanted to eat those cookies! But I snapped the picture below and walked away.

Just before leaving I noticed they were still there. (I must go to a really strange church where no one eats cookies.) Again I wanted them so much, but chose to walk away.

If you read my post from yesterday, you know I didn’t have a good weigh in day. After limiting what I ate all week, I gained 1/10 of a pound. Bummer. But I wrote that I was going to push on. If I gave up now I’d be kicking myself  in a week and be right back starting my weight loss plan all over again. I may as well stick with it, even with a bad weigh in.

The words I wrote yesterday morning came back to encouraged me last night. I ate nothing after my 4:30 dinner. A glass of water helped me through my class. Then at 9:00 this morning had a bowl of cereal. It feels so good to be on track.

Weight loss is like a race, and each time I go off my plan I have to go back to the starting line. I am so tired of being being bent over with my feet in the starting blocks waiting for a new day when I can try again.

I’m ready to run this race. I may not take first place, but even taking a little weight off will put me in the winners circle.

I can’t have cookies and be there too. It’s really hard to run with a cookie in hand anyway.



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