Planning Is Fun… Doing, Meh

fitness frame
fitness frame with dumbbells and fruits copy space – beauty and sport

I think I have joined Weight Watchers more times than just about anybody. Each time I had such good intentions. I diligently showed up at meetings, payed close attention and eagerly read that weeks pamphlet.  Feeling empowered, I stopped at the grocery store to stock up on low point foods before returning home. My weekly meals are carefully planned out.

But before the week was up my resolve waned and I was enjoying brownies with the kids after dinner. This was my pattern for years. What was crazy wrong with me!?!?

Looking back I realized that I got a lot of pleasure from the attending, planning and shopping. And because I busied myself with those things, I fooled myself into feeling like I was actually on the road to losing weight when I really wasn’t. I was missing the most important thing.

That thing was DOING! And doing consistently. Always. (At least almost always.)

It’s so very important to plan (and shop) for success. But we can’t believe that in doing these things alone is what will help is lose weight. Ultimately it’s eating less, eating healthier and exercising more. And sadly, they don’t sell that in a store. But I sure wish they did!



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