Hobbies & Weight Loss

Color yarn for knitting in handsWe’ve all heard the usual things to do when losing weight: drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, plan your meals…

All very good advice that I follow. But there’s one thing that really helps me keep from overeating.

It’s my hobbies!

My garage looks something like a paper crafting aisle at Hobby Lobby. I have a desk out there and love making hand stamped greeting cards and other cute paper goodies. And when I’m out there crafting and creating beautiful things I’m not even thinking about food.

Another thing I do is crochet. I never thought I could do it because I wasn’t good at knitting when I was younger. But I learned to crochet as an adult by watching a YouTube channel called The Crochet Crowd.  I really like doing this because all my supplies can be kept in a little basket in the living room. It’s also something I can do when I’m having a casual conversation with someone or watching TV. It occupies my mind and my hands, both of which keep me away from food.

If you’re looking for a hobby there are so many ideas out there. And many of them don’t cost a lot of money. For example:

-Crocheting, as mentioned before. For under $25.00 you can enough supplies to make a scarf or some washcloths.

-Cooking. This can be a great hobby to go along with losing weight. Often cooking healthy meals takes a little more time than just running through a drive through, but if you make it a hobby it can be really fun.

-Reading (revisit the library for a ton of free fun!)

-Pinterest (enough said!)

-Jewelry Making

-Walking or Biking

-Puzzles & Games (Sudoku, Crossword, Jigsaw, Online Apps. I especially love the Coloring   Apps out there.)

-Photography (today’s phones often have amazing cameras, so put them to work.)

-Machine or hand sewing


-Cross Stitch…

The possibilities are almost endless. Just be sure to choose a hobby that keeps you busy for several hours, such as Candy Crush or knitting as opposed to a  more passive hobby such as stamp collecting. The exception would be that if you’re really interested in that, you could spend your time researching the subject online.

Like me, having a hobby may be just the extra thing you need to keep your weight loss on the right track. And it adds a fun dimension to your life. I know it works for me. And the more I focus on those things the less I focus on food. And that’s always a good thing!



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