Weigh-Day Wednesday


Hovering. That’s the word that comes to my mind right now.

This is my second weigh-in after my initial weigh in and I’m a little disappointed. Again, I’ve been pretty good, but not perfect. I’m up .4 of a pound. Not too bad considering the week I’ve had.

You can see my progress here.

It’s easy to blame others, but it was my hand reaching for the Oreos. (Yes, Miss Done-With-Donuts had 6.) I’m such a work (aka Hot Mess) in progress.

But I have some really good news too.

For literally years I consistently weighed in at 10-15 pounds heavier than I am now. And I wasn’t dieting at all. It was sort of my set point weight. I was overweight but not gaining. When I did diet, I’d lose 10 pounds then gain it back.

Now for the good news. My new set point weight is about 10 pounds less than it has been for years! I’m actually really happy about that. I may not have lost in the past 2 weeks, but I haven’t gained and gone back to the heavier weight I was for so long.

Weight loss progress is often like this. It’s slow. And each week we may not go down the scale, but if we don’t go up, that’s a really good thing too. It’s not cause for celebration, but cause for contentment. At least for now.

So as I start another week, I’m looking forward to doing a big better next Wednesday. But for right now, hovering isn’t too bad.



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