3 Ways I Avoided Eating Halloween Candy


A mini miracle happened yesterday in my weight-loss world. I didn’t eat one piece of  our  250 pieces of Halloween candy! Not one!

That hasn’t happened in years!

In the past I would start on the candy the day I bring it home from the store. Then as I took my kids trick-or-treating I would munch on the ones that they didn’t like. Then I’d pick through their bowls while they were at school the following days. I was a mess.

It may seem logical for me to not celebrate now that my kids are older. But last night my daughter wanted to do something fun and she suggested handing out candy. She dressed up as a deer and the kids really liked seeing her. Plus Trick-or-Treat is a really big deal on my street. There’s a festival right across the street and the kids come down our street afterwards. We handed out almost 200 pieces of candy.

Me waiting for the trick-or-treaters.

So how did I manage not to eat one single piece?

First, I never took the first bite. Often in the past that one bite would lead to me eating 20 more mini candy bars. I’ve done this so many times it’s embarrassing.

Second, I filled up on real food. Not perfect food, but not sugary junk. For example, I ate dinner (a turkey burger, whole wheat bun and mixed veggies) but I was still hungry. I thought about having a few pieces of candy. It was, after all, Halloween night. But I grabbed a piece of homemade pizza that was leftover from lunch instead. It probably had the same amount of calories as 4 pieces of candy, but at least I didn’t get started on the candy. It’s so hard to stop once I do.

My daughter and fur baby helped me hand out candy too.

Third, I thought “out-of-the-moment”. I thought about getting on the scale. I thought about the past when my candy consumption was out of control. I thought about writing in this blog and not wanting to confess that I gorged myself on Peanut M&M’s. When I used to pig out on Halloween Candy I wasn’t thinking about anything except wanting sugar right then. The future didn’t matter to me.

Did I lose any weight this morning? Yes, but only 2/10 of a pound in the past 2 days. It doesn’t seem like much considering yesterday’s self control. I had hoped that the universe would see my sacrifice, feel my pain and give me more points off the scale. But no, 2/10 of a pound is all I got for my effort. But that’s weight loss for ya. Slow and steady.

Yet I feel empowered this morning. I accomplished something that didn’t seem possible in the past. Like a snowball that gets bigger with each push, I feel like each time I skip eating junk I get a little big more able to withstand the next temptation.

So regardless of where you are, you can get past your past too. No matter how many times you’ve tried to lose weight, keep trying! Even if, like me, you’ve had years of eating too many M&M’s, don’t give up!

You may have to help it along, but your mini miracle is right around the corner!


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