Kayaks, Puddles & Banana Peels

9997254 - woman about to step on a banana peel isoltaed on white background

I’ve fallen twice this past summer. Twice! And hard!

First, I fell off my kayak and landed smack on a slab of concrete. Thankfully I landed on my thigh, and while my bruise was the size of a large pancake and looked terrible, that was the only damage. It healed up after several weeks.

Then I took my dog for a walk, stepped in a puddle that had some kind of muck at the bottom and slipped. I went down on the curb and wound up on my butt. Somehow I injured myself just below the knees. Thankfully it wasn’t on the knees or I know I would have been in a lot of trouble.

But it makes me think…

While I am down about 22 pounds from my all time high, I still have a long way to go. And how much easier would these falls have been if I didn’t weigh so much? When you go down, the more weight you have the harder you fall and the more damage you can do to yourself.

As I weigh less, I’ll be more agile and less likely to fall too. And if we do have those accidents, our knees won’t have to carry around as much weight during our recovery, making our bodies easier to heal.

These incidents gave me one more reason to be even more diligent about losing weight.

Right now I think my kayaking days may be over for a while, but I really do need to walk my dog every day, and that’s a really good reason to get more in shape and stay that way, There very well could be a banana peel somewhere along my path in the future!



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