Weigh Day Wednesday

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I totally don’t deserve this weight loss this week! I really don’t know how it happened.

I’m down 1.6 pounds and I had a very, what felt like “out of control” week. Usually I try to eat at 9, 12, 3 and 6 and keep my food choices healthy and controlled. But the past 7 days have been a blur of food I didn’t cook and eating some things I didn’t plan on eating.

Both my young adult kids are home from college and jobs. My son loves to cook and my daughter loves to bake. My controlled culinary world of healthy foods at appointed times was thrown out the window. He enjoys making Asian food (in fact he heads to Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore tomorrow for a month). My daughter is an amazing baker too. The food was so delicious this past week. Such a nice break from my somewhat ordinary fare at my appointed times.

I thought for sure that when I got on the scale this morning I’d see a gain. I am still in shock.

As I think about what caused this, I can attribute it to the fact that the week before, the one when I didn’t eat any candy at all on Halloween, is finally paying off for me on the scale. Last week’s weigh in was a disappointment.

I also worked out on my exercise bike a couple of times.

But mostly, I think that what I’m learning from this experience is that weight loss is a delayed event. Eating well for one week may takes 2 weeks to show up on the scale.

That’s totally opposite from what we’d expect. Like me last week, we can get discouraged if we try hard for one week then don’t get the results we hoped for.

So the good news for all of us is simple: keep going! Even if we make a few changes and and gain, KEEP GOING! We’re heading in the right direction.

Don’t give up. I’ve done that so many times in the past. I would feel stuck, like no matter what I did it didn’t make much of a difference so why bother.

Today I feel empowered. Losing 1.6 pounds is really good for one week. And we can all have those kinds of results. All we need to to is keep going in the right direction!


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