Strawberries? Yes, please!


Over the years I’ve observed people and what they eat. It’s somewhat of an obsession with me.

One time I took my son to a birthday party. Not only were we going to have cake and ice cream later, but there was an entire dining room table set up with tons of appetizers and snacks.

The kids played birthday games and frolicked with the dogs. But for the adults, food was the entertainment.

As I enjoyed myself with a plate full of virtually everything, I noticed the birthday boy’s grandmother across the room from me. She was really thin and looked great. Then I noticed what was on her plate. You guessed it, strawberries. No homemade cookies. No spinach dip and crackers. No pizza. Just strawberries.

Of course I know that people who eat strawberries are thinner than people who eat cake. But to see this in action, at a birthday party where delicious food was so plentiful and the occasion so festive, well it really hit home with me. No matter how special the event is, no matter how many homemade goodies they have there (my personal weakness), we don’t have to eat it all.

I don’t think we don’t need to be exactly like this woman either to get to a healthy weight.  We can eat a variety of foods in a healthy manner. That’s what I’m striving for right now. Eating in moderation and not binging on things that will make me only want more. I think what it comes down to is making a few good choices that we really like and being reasonable with it.

And yes, that should include a few strawberries.

oie_VhMzF5QfNt6i (1).png

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