I Deleted My Pinterest Baking Pins!


Pinterest is one of my favorite things in life. If I have only a few moments while standing in a line at the store, I pull out my phone and start scrolling. And at home on the sofa I could spend hours there. From crafts to cooking to hairstyles and everything in between, it’s my happy place. Often I find that the line moves too quickly!

But recently, after starting this blog and getting serious about losing weight, I was looking through my boards and I noticed a bad trend: Christmas Goodies, Cookies, Cakes, Food For Church.

After years of trying to lose weight, I found that, for me, what I need to do is to give up sweets. I know that if I make some cookies “just for Christmas” or “just because my daughter’s coming home for winter break” I fall into the cycle of eating just a few the first day. Then even more the next day. Then by day three I’m at the Dairy Queen drive thru. Not a good choice.

So I had a decision to make. Am I serious about giving up sugar and eating healthy, or is it just a whim for now? Am I serious enough to actually delete boards that took me years to create?

I am. I deleted them all. I even went through some boards like “4th of July” and deleted all the sugary food on those boards too. (It’s good to know that I can still make an American Flag out of strawberries, blueberries and bananas!)

One may say that I may use some of those recipes if I’m truly making a cake to take to my mom’s house for Christmas or something. But if I really need a recipe I can look up great ones on Pinterest at any time.

Many of you can eat a few cookies without any problems at all-and still lose weight. I’m just not one of them. I’m like the original Cookie Monster. It’s my total weakness.

So hopefully I’m sending a message to myself today that I am serious about losing weight. I don’t want to eat cookies. Well, I mean yes of course I want to eat cookies. Who doesn’t? But no, I really don’t want to eat cookies. I don’t want to get caught up that trap again.

I have to realize the weak areas in my weight loss journey. I’m the girl who needs to watch out when her mom wants to stop at the German Bakery by my house. I’m the girl who needs to avoid the snack table after church. I’m the girl who can’t sign up to bring a dessert for my small group meeting.

And I’m the girl who doesn’t have a Pinterest Baking Boards.


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