Setting The Right Expectations For Weight Loss


Tomorrow the scale may not be kind to me.

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Dahlonega, Georgia. We went up to the mountains to celebrate our anniversary and to see the leaves change. We had did both, but eating well, although I tried, wasn’t easy on the road and in our cabin.

One thing that really seems to get me on trips is that I feel hungry more often than when I’m at home doing my normal routine. For example, I ate breakfast just before we left, but an hour down the road I was munching on almonds. Healthy, yes. Low-cal, no.

The same thing happened at night. Even after a normal dinner at around 6 pm, I was hungry around 8. Hmmm…. Do I burn more calories on vacation, therefore I feel the need to consume more? Am I bored at times? In all fairness I really don’t like to travel and sometimes I think that eating is a way of coping with the “out of control” feeling that traveling brings.

I also didn’t get much exercise. Half the trip was spent in the car. I’m sure that won’t  help me tomorrow either.

Whatever the reason, today I’m thinking about setting the right expectation for when I get on the scale.

First, I need to expect that, because of this week’s circumstances, I may gain a little. I could have pushed through my feelings and eaten less and forced myself to exercise a little more. But I didn’t.

Second, I really need to not beat myself up over this. I’m planning on seeing an increase on the scale but even starting today I’m going to get back on my personal eating plan. In the past I would have given up, especially since it’s just a few weeks until Thanksgiving. But not this time. This time I’m getting right back up on my healthy horse and continuing right where I left off 5 days ago.

Third, I’m learning from my trip. For example, I had a chicken salad sandwich at a cute cafe that was made with way more mayo than I would ever dream of putting in a sandwich. It wasn’t how I pictured it to be, but not wanting to send it back, I ate it. But now when I go out to eat, even locally, I’m going to stick with a turkey sandwich. The calories and content are much more predictable and healthy. That’s good to keep in mind even when my mom and I go to Panera for lunch today.

We all will have times in our weight-loss journey when it’s like this. When we’ve been traveling. When the holidays are here. Or even when we’ve just been bad and eaten a half a gallon of ice cream in one day. (Yup, I’ve done that.) What matters is that we can accept our fate on the scale. That we can bounce back. And that we can keep right on going. It’s really our only chance for hope.

So even before I step on the scale tomorrow for my weekly weigh-in, I’m ready for anything. And I’ve made a fresh commitment to get back on track today. And no matter what tomorrow holds, I won’t be shaken. My expectations are ready for anything!





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