Weigh Day Wednesday


I’ve gained 2/10 of a pound this week! Yay!

That may sound like a crazy way to start a weight loss article, but yay! I’m so encouraged. Here’s why.

You see, this past week was a caloric disaster.

We were on vacation for 4 of the past 7 days. Two of those days I was sitting in a Georgia-bound car eating fast food and munching on almonds. The other two I was sitting in cute cafes eating chicken salad sandwiches made with, most likely, Duke’s highest fat mayonnaise. Or saving money by eating Dominos (equally highest fat) pizza in our cottage. And it seemed like I was hungry all the time during this trip.

Then I came home my daughter had me take her to Trader Joe’s. When I go there alone I usually buy fruits, veggies and tofu. When I go there with her we buy fun stuff. Most of it was for her, but I broke down and had a couple of her Chocolate Covered Peppermint Cookies and more than a few Hot Cocoa Dunkers. Double yikes!

I regret those decisions.

But still, after all that, I only gained 2/10 of a pound. Only 2/10 of a pound! I was sure it would be much worse.

Weekly weight tracking is something that I’ve never really stuck with in all my years of attempting to lose weight. I’d do it for a few weeks, especially with Weight Watchers. But then I’d give up and go right back to overeating and pretending that scales and non-stretchy pants don’t exist.

Being diligent about weighing myself every Wednesday makes me realize that it’s not what we do for a day or even a week that has made me 50 pounds overweight. It’s what I’ve been doing for years.

Bad days, or even weeks, are a permanent part of our weight loss journey.

In the past I’d give up because I “felt” like I had a bad week and was sure that if I got on the scale I’d be really depressed. When maybe, like this week, I had only gained a little. I didn’t even give myself a chance back then. My perceived failure prevented me from even trying to go forward and try to lose weight for one more week.

So yeah, this week’s weight gain really encouraged me. If I can only gain 2/10 of a pound after eating like a pig all week and not exercising, imagine what I can do if I try. Even just a little.

Next Wednesday, I’ll find out and let you know! Onward healthy lifestyle!




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