Naturally No-Sugar Pumpkin Spice Spread


It doesn’t seem fair that almost everything “pumpkin spice” has sugar in in. A LOT of sugar. So wanting to celebrate the autumn season just like everyone else, I recreated an all-natural sugar free spread that perfectly captures the season without any refined or artificial sugars.

You can even spoon this into serving glasses for a great sugar-free dessert for Thanksgiving Day. Or make a double or triple batch of this and spoon it into a baked pie shell (not a graham cracker one if you’re trying to be sugar free). No one will suspect that you’re not eating sugar this Thanksgiving!

Here’s the recipe:

Recipe List Design Chef Hat Blank Page to Write in

Keep in mind that if you’re not used to sugar free foods, this may taste different than what you’re used to, but it’s a great recipe. And the fact that you’re not getting added sugar is a real bonus. I hope you enjoy it!



Copyright: <a href="">robuart / 123RF Stock Photo</a>



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