Weigh Day Wednesday


The same! Okay, I’ll take that.

It may not seem like a lot, but weight the same at around 209 is real progress for me. Usually in the past I could get down to 209, but when I wasn’t paying strict attention to what I was eating my weight shot up to the 220 range. It would stay there pretty much no matter what I ate. Now at least I’m hovering at 209.

You can track all my progress here.

I think that weight somehow reaches a set point of some kind and your metabolism adjusts. I think of my late grandmother who only ate about 400 calories a day. She was skinny as a string bean, but still, her basal metabolic rate must have taken more than that. But somehow her body adjusted.

Now that my body has adjusted to this rate, I’ve got to start making my way down the scale some more.

And what better time than the week before Thanksgiving! Oh boy!

I’m having the Big Bird Celebration at my house and there’s a lot of cooking I have to do. Thank goodness you can’t sneak a piece of pie without someone noticing!

My goal this week is just a little less. And if I can hold that “just a little less” until the week after Thanksgiving I’ll be really happy. After that, the hard work begins. (Is there any better cookie than a homemade Christmas cookie?) True, lasting weight loss is a slow process. So for now, I’m happy with just the same!



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