Don’t Buy Too Much Produce!

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One thing I frequently seem to do wrong when it comes to losing weight is that I buy too many fruits and vegetables. I don’t eat too many fruits and vegetables, I just buy too many. Then I forget that they’re there and they go bad and I throw them away.

Somehow I think that if I buy them I will automatically eat them. I don’t.

In my defense, the way refrigerators are designed isn’t optimal. The drawers in my side-by-side are way at the bottom, and things are always getting lost in them. Not really lost, I guess, but certainly ignored.

Tonight is a great example of that. I was ready to run to the store to buy fruit to make a fruit salad for tomorrow when I realized that I still have some fresh, hand-picked, New York State apples in the crisper and a watermelon on the counter. I also found some Halo Tangerines in there too. So I’m making a commitment that for tomorrow these are the fruits I’ll be eating.

We can get discouraged with our weight loss efforts if we throw away produce too often. The point of buying it to begin with is eating it. So that’s what I’m learning to do. I’m retraining myself to pay more attention, and be more creative, with the things I have on hand.

And after those are gone, then I’ll make my fruit salad.


Weight Loss Tip_ Don't Buy Too Many Fruits & Veggies

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