3 Ways To Handle Holiday Eating


It seems most of us are always trying to lose weight. For some it may be just 5 pounds. For others like me, it’s close to 50. (Yikes! That’s a little overwhelming to write it down like that.)

Regardless of where we’re at on the scale, the holidays always bring caloric challenges. There’s more food at the office. At parties. We like to bake for ourselves and others. People give food as gifts. The stores are full of special treats that are only available this time of year. And mostly I think that baking, cooking and eating are traditions that just go along with the season.

Making a decision about how we’re going to handle holiday eating when we’re in front of a plate full of office cookies is a bad idea. But by taking the time to think about how we’re going to handle this upcoming month in advance can really help us keep on track and not feel guilty for whatever plan we choose. The way I see the choices before me are:

  1. Stick to your weight loss plan, no matter what. Or,
  2. Eat whatever you want, but not too much. Or
  3. Have fun with everything and worry about it in January!

By choosing one of the three options we are making conscious decisions and we’re in control of our eating, not matter which of the three we choose.

If we don’t choose, we’re likely to overeat and then feel guilty for our choices, which can make us eat even more.  if you choose to just enjoy yourself this holiday season, you may even end up eating less because you’re not feeling the guilt of bad choices.

As for me, I think’ I’m going to go with option #1. I have too much weight to lose and I’ve been messing around with this for too long. But don’t feel bad if you choose 2 or 3. The choice is entirely up to you!



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