December 1, 2019 Weigh In


Weighing myself every week is starting to feel a little stressful. I beat myself up if I’ve had a few bad days. Then I expect the worst when I get on the scale only to find that I’ve lost a pound. It’s so confusing. Other times it’s the opposite. I eat less, exercise more only to find I’ve stayed the same or gained. And that’s frustrating.

Perhaps there are too many variables to get an accurate view of how I did the past week. For example, did I eat something salty the night before, causing water retention and weight gain?

Starting today I’m going to weigh myself on the first of every month. I have a whole month to get it right. Perhaps the little mess ups along the way will be less noticed.

I’m shooting for a 5 pound loss this month. That’s not extreme, but considering that it’s December, I think it’s a good goal. I’m certainly not planning on giving myself the month off. But maybe lowering my expectations a little in the hopes that even if I only lose a couple of pounds I’ll be encouraged. You can follow my progress here.

Just taking some of the stress off of facing the scale weekly should make me more calm and able to lose weight more easily. I already feel more confident and like I’m able to reach this small milestone over the next 30 days.

However I am a work in progress and I may change my mind if I don’t feel it’s working out. That’s one thing I really love about doing my own thing when it comes to losing weight. I’m discovering what’s right for me.

We’ll see how my thinking pans out on January 1.



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