Couch Binge Prevention

oie_786bEqFyPsKJThere are days when I’m hyped about the lifestyle changes I’m making. Yesterday I ate right, walked the dog a little farther and planned some healthy meals.

Today I feel like sitting on the sofa and binging on cookies. I really don’t want to be bothered losing weight. I’m confused as to what to eat. Tired of boring salad. I just want to eat a good amount of sugary food and watch Hallmark movies all afternoon.

But do I really? Part of me really does feel this way, but I’ve been dancing around this weight loss stuff for too long. If I really deep down didn’t want to lose weight I would have given up a long time ago.

When times like this hit me, I try to take my mind out of the present, which wants cookies. I think about tomorrow morning, which is when I usually feel the worst after overeating. I don’t want to wake up feeling like I have a food hangover. I don’t want my pants to be a little too tight. I really don’t want to see the number on the scale go up after I’ve been so disciplined. It’s these thoughts that get me out of my blah mood.

So I’m giving myself permission to plop on the sofa this Sunday afternoon. But not with the cookies. I’m opening a can of seltzer water and grabbing the remote. Because Hallmark movies are good no matter what I’m eating.


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