Bouncing Back After Bad Food Choices

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Usually Taco Bell is a really good place for me to go when I need a quick dinner. Because meat isn’t high on my list of favorite things, the 7-Layer Burrito is my favorite standby. At 440 calories, it really fills me up and often that’s all I’ll eat for dinner.

Tonight we went through the drive through and I tried something different. They’re getting a lot more vegetarian options, so I chose a Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme. It looked so good on the website. In person it seemed like there was too much bread and hardly any beans, lettuce or cheese. Very disappointing. But I ate it anyway because I was hungry.

The same thing happened at Culver’s earlier this week too. My my mom and I really like their single burgers, but we had a coupon for a double. Since using the coupon got us bigger burgers for less money, we gave it a try. Neither of us liked them. They were way too greasy and sloppy. I threw away part of it and chalked it up to a lesson learned.

Afterwards I felt like I really blew it both times. I’d made a bad choice. But what I did (or didn’t do) afterwards made all the difference.

Learning how to bounce back after making bad food choices is one of the biggest keys to losing weight. I know for me I usually go in one of two directions. One, I can feel like I’ve blown it for the day (or even the week) and give up my good eating habits. Or two, I can bounce back right away.

We’re going to make bad choices sometimes, whether intentionally (but just choosing to eat too much) or unintentionally (by ordering the wrong thing on the menu). But that’s okay. Rather than spiraling into a mini-binge after that happens, I’m learning from my mistakes.

And from now on, I’m remaining true to my 7-Layer Burrito and single Butter Burger!

*Just a Note: I try not to make fast food a part of my regular diet, but this week was kinda busy. And fitting real life situations and food into my healthy lifestyle is one of my goals.



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