Can A Girl Eat Only 2 Christmas Cookies?


My mom, who never bakes, made Christmas cookies today. It’s an old recipes that we’ve loved in years past, but she called and said they tasted weird. That’s odd, I thought, how can you mess up a cookie. I mean, with quality ingredients it’s a sure thing unless you mismeasure or burn them. She did neither.

My daughter took her friend over to assess the situation. Conclusion: they did taste a little weird, but they were still good. Certainly edible and worthy of decorated tins and bows.

Two cookies came home just for me. Since I’m the baker of the family (it’s a blessing and a curse) she wanted my opinion. I agreed with the girls. They had an unusually strong flavor, probably from the dried sour cherries. But they were really good. Their rich, robust, fruity taste is perfect for the holiday season.

So now my two are gone. I’ve been really trying to be good this Christmas season by not eating too many sweets. I’d like to think that I could get by without eating any, but clearly that ship has sailed.

The important question now is: Will I let my two cookies lead to two more tomorrow, then four the next day, then a total pig out session by the weekend?

My binging on sweets starts out like this. I eat two cookies and since I can manage to keep from eating more that day, I feel in control. But somewhere along the way I lose that control and before too long I’m eating 10 cookies a day, and often for more than a day or two.

Or, instead of losing control, do I give it away? Do I really believe it’s in my power to eat just two cookies without eating 20 more over the next couple of days?

I would have to honestly say that I do believe it’s possible to have two cookies today then go back to eating healthy tomorrow.

But tomorrow my mom’s going to bake another batch of cookies, and one last batch the following day. What will I say to her then?

My plan of action is to say is, “Save me just one from each batch, and put it in the freezer.”

I’ve got the strength to do this. I really do believe this girl can eat just 2 Christmas cookies for now. And my other two will be waiting in my mom’s freezer for a later time. I want to be held accountable and I want to encourage others to show that it can be done. But before I get too confident, I’ll have to wait a couple of days to pass this test.

But I really want to report back a resounding “Yes!” Eating just 2 Christmas cookies can be done. For myself, and for cookies addicts everywhere.



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