7 Weight Loss Tips For When Life Is Crazy

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This past weekend I was so stressed that I got sick. I’m still not feeling well and I think it’s because life is so crazy right now.

I’m in what’s known as the sandwich generation. I take care of a lot of needs that my mom has while still having two young adult children at home. They’re both in a lot of transition time in their lives and need my help too. Plus, they like to cook which means the kitchen is usually not as I left it. They clean up fairly well, it’s just that having to share my food prep space has been stressful.

Plus it’s 2 weeks until Christmas. I have a lot of responsibilities at my church, I’m not done Christmas shopping and finding down time with my hubby is difficult.

My weight loss was going really well until all the craziness started.

I love my family so much and want to be with them as much as possible. Someday my son wants to move to Taiwan and my daughter to Colorado. I will miss them so much when that day happens. But how do I balance eating healthy right now, when life seems so crazy?

I’ve come up with some guidelines to help me through this process.

  1. Start in the kitchen. No matter how many times a day I have to go in there and straighten up, make ice or coffee and wipe down the counters, do it.
  2. Plan out the days meals in advance. If I wait until 3:00 in the afternoon to decide what’s for dinner, I’m going to end up ordering pizza. But if I know in advance that I’m making a sweet potato stew, I have all day to get ready for my meal. I’ve been trying to plan for the whole week on Sunday which really helps.
  3. Cook in advance. I’m going to look for a time when the kitchen is quiet and make that my meal prep time. Most things can be cooked several hours before they’re eaten. That way when it’s time to eat dinner, it’s ready to go.
  4. Delegate. Every morning my husband unloads the dishwasher. My kids are really good at helping me clean up too, but I often have to remind them of some things. Sometimes we can feel frustrated when we ask other to make ice (we have an automatic ice maker but it’s can’t keep up with our demands) and they don’t. But keep asking. It will become more automatic to them if we’re persistent with our requests. Even small kids can do little tasks too.
  5. Be realistic with yourself. If you’re in a situation where life is crazy for whatever reason, think about what you can accomplish with regards to weigh loss. Maybe just eating healthy and not worrying about losing a lot of weight is a good solution for you right now.
  6. Come up with one easy-to-follow thing that can make a difference in your weight. For example, not eating after dinner is a great way to shave off some calories for the day, and that doesn’t take too much planning. You could also plan on eating 3 extra fruits a day. Even if you only choose one healthy habit, it’s better than just throwing in the towel and eating whatever until the craziness passes.
  7. Try to find some “you time.” What are some things you love doing? Looking forward to a relaxing bath at the end of the day is a great way to unwind. Maybe it’s watching a movie at the end of the day that you’ve been wanting to see. For me, I love to make homemade greeting cards. My little one-car garage is a haven with folding craft tables, ink pads and rubber stamps. It’s so destressing.  Whatever it is, make some you-time.

As women we always seem to be in different situations in our lives. Raising little kids, taking care of parents and working on top of it all are just a few things we have to balance. And all to often eating well takes a back seat.

But take some time today to analyze where you’re at and what your dietary challenges are and think about what you can do about them. Even little changes can yield some really good results.




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