The Trouble With “Weight Watcher” Cookies

oie_bIiKREBeWjAY.pngAs usual I was on Pinterest this morning and came across a recipe for Weight Watchers Cookies. I won’t say anything more about the recipe title out of consideration to the Pinner. But seriously!? These cookies called for 2 cups of refined sugar! It did call for reduced-fat butter, milk and peanut butter, but still! And the recipe got over 30,000 Shares from their website!

Maybe some people can actually make a batch of these and eat just one cookies a day for the next month and a half. (Yes, the recipe made 44 servings!) And at 4 SmartPoints per cookie, that’s not exactly a bargain.

Weight Watchers in a great weight loss plan, don’t get me wrong. And this recipe didn’t originate with them. And I doubt there are many leaders who would be actually making a cookie recipe that calls for 2 cups of sugar, believing  that they’ll only eat one cookie as the other 43 sit in the refrigerator. When I was in Weight Watchers, we talked about substituting things like Wasa Cracker for something like these cookies. No one ever brought up a recipe like this.

It may sound like I’m being really critical. But it’s because I’ve been on the other end of these cookies that I feel so strongly about it.  I’ve made recipes like these many times before. I’d plan to ration them out, only to realize that I’ve eaten 10 of them in an afternoon and now I’ve used up all my Points for the rest of the month.

Then, knowing that I gained that week, I would quit going to my Weight Watcher  meetings entirely. I mean, how much of a failure can I be and still show up there? I’ve done this so many times that it’s just ridiculously embarrassing. It’s for reasons like this that I called my blog Done With Donuts. I just can’t control myself with sugar. And things like these cookies are a total weakness to me. I could seriously eat the whole batch on a bad day.

I suppose recipes like this have their place in the world. If you’re going out to an event and need to bring cookies and really do plan on having just one or two, then maybe their not so bad. But still we need to be careful.

I used to make cookies to take to events, but really I was making excuses. Did they ever make it to their intended destination? Rarely. I’d tell myself things like ‘Maybe my daughter will like these.’ Or, ‘It would be nice to have some homemade Christmas cookies  at the church food table this week.’ I hope that I am past that stage in my life. But I do need to be on guard. Weight Watcher Cookies are still so tempting.

So if you’re on Pinterest and come across a recipe like this, think twice before putting it on one of your boards. We all want to eat sweets and be able to lose weight too. I am first in that line. But it most likely leads to failure. At least it did for me.
I wish I had better news today. I so wish I had an amazingly delicious, sugary recipe that would help us lose weight. But I don’t.

And the truth is, neither does anyone else.



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