In Defense Of Weight Watcher Recipes



Monday’s post was a rant about how deceptive some recipes can be. Just by swapping out some regular ingredients with low-fat ones, and made the serving size one cookie, they’ve seem to have made a Weight Watcher’s Cookie Recipe that was 4 points per cookie. Not a bargain.

So I went on a hunt for a decent Weight Watcher recipe and found  this delicious one over at You can click here to get the full recipe.

The biggest difference I’ve seen is the amount of sugar. This recipe only calls for 2 tablespoons of sugar, as opposed to the cookies recipe that called for 2 cups.

I made these scones and thought that they were really good, especially for being on the low-fat and low-sugar side. They were filling too, which is always a plus, but especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

So there are some really good Weight Watcher Recipes out there, but not everything that bears that label is worth of it. Be careful any time of year, but especially right now during the holidays. Don’t be taken in by these “healthy recipes.” Know your numbers and do a little research.

It seems like allows access to recipes even if you’re not a member. So that’s definitely a good place to snag some recipes.

And if you get the chance, give this recipe a try. It’s not as delicious as a cookie, but it’s a much healthier choice and worthy of it’s 3 points per serving value!


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