How Do You Feel When You Overeat?


Sometimes I feel like two people.

Sometimes I’m the person who’s been eating well and exercising all week. That person feels great. Confident not only in how she looks, but in the fact that she’s in control of her life.

And sometimes I’m the person who feels so much chaos in my life that I just eat whatever I want, believing that tomorrow I’ll be back on track. I emotionally just have to get through today. And eating is how I often cope. It’s really like I’ve gotten a different brain in my head from the confident woman I was before.

If my kids are home and they have sweets around the house, it’s really easy to cross over that bridge.

It drives me crazy!

But what I really want to think about today is how I feel when I overeat. I’m hoping that that will help me stay on track.

When I overeat I feel yucky. Not at the time I’m doing it. That would make losing weight so much easier. When I’m overeating it usually feels great. That chocolate ice cream cone speaks to my soul. If it ended there it wouldn’t be so bad, but it doesn’t. After one cone I usually eat two or three more during the day. ‘It’s best to finish off the pint so that I won’t be tempted tomorrow,’ is my mantra that day.

Then depending on what else I can find I get into that too. ‘The day’s shot now,’ I muse.

The next morning I wake up feeling awful. Mentally as well as physically. It’s like all this junk doesn’t agree with me anymore. I’ve got to keep that in mind before I overeat. And that is one strategy that I’m going to start doing right now.

No matter how crazy my life gets, I’m trying to teach myself to think about how I’ll feel in the morning. Or next week when I get on the scale. I’ve got to remember how yucky I’ll feel before I overeat. Maybe you can relate. And while that’s hard to do, it’s not impossible! We can do this if we put our minds to it!




Copyright: grinvalds / 123RF Stock Photo


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