Tight Clothes Remind Me Of My Goals



Merry Christmas everyone! Who would be thinking that on a day as special as today that I’d be thinking about my weight before the sun and the rest of the family are even up? But alas, here I am. Contemplating whether or not I should wear my red velvet dress that’s a little too tight today.

I rescued the dress from a pile of clothes that my daughter was donating to the Salvation Army. Since I don’t buy a ton of clothes because I’m waiting until I get to my goal weight, I’m always looking for a freebie.

The dress is perfect in almost every way. It’s short sleeved, perfect for a busy Florida

Me in my too tight dress.

Christmas Day. It’s casual enough to wear with leggings. It’s festive. And it’s a little too tight.

But I’m going with it. I’m not trying to punish myself, but I’ve been a little out of control with the Christmas cookies and I’m hoping that the pull of the sleeves around my arms and the pudge of fat that’s showing around my back will slow me down a bit.

Sometimes it’s easy to just toss aside something that doesn’t fit. Perhaps we even subconsciously think that the item has shrunk in the wash. We opt for comfort because it’s easier than facing the music. Not me. Not today.  I need to be accountable for my gingerbread man consumption.

Deciding how to handle clothes that are too tight is a personal matter. For some it may seem like a punishment, and that’s a really bad reason to wear them. But for others, like me, it’s a wake up call to reality.

I’m not trying to be super skinny, or skinny at all for that matter. But I am trying to eat healthy, and in turn lose some weight.

Next year I hope to be complaining that this dress is too big and wondering if I should keep it. Until then, a little discomfort may be just what I need.




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