Belt Buckles & Other Perks Of Losing Weight


Losing weight has it’s perks. Better health. Greater confidence. But sometimes they’re ones we don’t even expect.

One day at work my husband was walking down the aisle to his cubicle and he noticed something odd below him. Wondering what this strange thing was that was attached to him he looked down and saw his belt buckle!

He’s been doing a really good job with losing weight too, and when he told me this story I had to laugh. I could see that happening to him. It’s really amazing how men can squeeze their fat over top of their belt and like still wear the same size pants even though they gained 20 pounds.

I’m so happy for him, and while I’ve had some little victories, I ready to see more this in my life in the upcoming year.

Maybe I’ll even get back to the place in life where I actually wear a belt. I sure hope so. I haven’t had one of those on in years! And when I do, I hope to look down in joy and see a shiny buckle looking up at me!



Copyright: <a href="">Cole123RF / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

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