Frozen Veggies To The Rescue


Do you ever buy lots of veggies, thinking you’re going to have a super healthy week only to find yourself throwing them out two weeks later?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this. It’s really embarrassing, probably bordering on sinful too.

I tried to analyze why this continually happens. I think it’s because I buy things that I’m really not that enthused about cooking. It’s diet food. Then I end up going through the Culver’s drive through because that’s more satifying, and hey, my dauther wanted to go and I wanted to make her happy. (I have no desire for Wisconsin Cheese Curds at all; it’s all her fault.)

We’re trying to get away from cruising through drive-thru’s just to save time, but sometimes it’s difficult. And throwing away bags of Romaine Lettuce happens more often that I care to admit.

To combat my wastefulness, one thing I started doing is buying frozen veggies. The micorwaveable  bags make it so easy to cook in a flash too. Plus I’ throwing away a lot less produce.

I still do use fresh veggies. I mean you just can’t buy frozen radicchio. But having a few bags of frozen veggies in my freezer guarantees that I’ll have a healthy side dish whenever I need one. I’ve heard that they’re just as healthy too.

I am getting much better at not wasting food. I’m working on making meals that aren’t boring, diet food too. Meals that I’ll actually want to stay home and eat. Finding the balance between good and good-for-you foods is where I strive to be. And chances are, I’ll serve my healthy meal with a side of frozen veggies.



Copyright: <a href="">artcookstudio / 123RF Stock Photo</a>


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