Have A Successful Weight Loss Year


Wow, it’s not only the start of a new year but the start of a new decade today. And with the year being 2020, people are saying reminds them of vision and clarity. There’s a freshness and a newness of this day.

It’s the perfect day to start, or continue, a weight loss plan. 

And that’s exactly where I am right now. Ready to begin again. Ready to put the past behind me. To get healthier. To be just a little thinner. To gain a little more confidence. To wear clothes that I feel great in. The list goes on.

After munching my way through too many smiling gingerbread men and sugar cookies all last month, I eager for fresh salads, veggies and clean wholesome dinners.

And while that is attainable, especially on this first day of 2020, I know this feeling won’t last. I know, from years of weight loss experience, that all too soon my hand will be in the cookie jar. The Rocky Road will be beckoning me from the freezer aisle. And going thru the Culver’s drive thru will be a reality.

So what can I do about it? This year I’m going to set my expectations for yearlong success.

That means not going off my healthy eating plan just because I mess up. That means working out just once a week, even if I don’t ride my bike the 3 times a week that I said I would. That means starting again when I mess up without berating myself.

That means that this year I don’t have to be perfect.

I want to be successful. But this year I’m going to realize that success doesn’t require perfection. It requires perseverance.

I’m going to keep going. I’m not going to give up when I go on a binge. (I’d like to think that I won’t go on a binge this year, but that’s probably unrealistic.)

In the last I’ve always defined success as perfection. Not this year. Success is persistence. Success is not giving up. Success is baby steps ever single day.

Health and weight loss isn’t about one day. Yes, today is a great day to start, but the victory comes in all 365 days.

Happy New Year! Let’s get this healthy party started!





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