Stop Grabbing Food Without Thinking!



It’s morning and I’m planning my meals for today. While organizing my pantry I saw that I had peanuts. Yum! I didn’t know I had those, I thought. My first instinct was to reach for a handful. After all, I haven’t had breakfast yet. But I stopped myself. I want to eat an intentional breakfast. Not just randomly grab nuts without any thought to how many calories I’m putting into my body.

Even healthy foods should be eaten intentionally. This weekend, again while organizing a kitchen cupboard, I found myself munching on Medjool dates. There were only 5 left in a large container. I mindlessly ate two, then thought, that’s weird to leave just three in such a large container, so I finished them off. At around 60 calories each, that’s 300 extra calories I consumed just doing a household task!

Another habit I got into, and thankfully quickly out of, was grabbing a couple of peppermints each time we went into the antique mall where we have a booth. Two peppermints equal 40 calories. Not much, but if I did that 3 times a week it’s an extra 480 calories a month.

The biggest thing about just grabbing food without thinking is the habit that it gets us into. Just about any weight loss plan is about choosing what we eat carefully. And when we’re just grabbing food without thinking about it, it’s not a careful choice.

Sometimes it seems like my appetite and hands are too quick and before my brain even notices I’ve got a cookie in my mouth. But with a little awareness I’ll be able to stop myself in the future. After all, those calories really add up!




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