What To Do If Your Lettuce Is Always Going Bad



Lettuce, especially the chopped kind in the bag, always seems to go bad so quickly in my fridge. I guess lettuce really isn’t that exciting and after making a salad or two I sort of forget about it. Two weeks later I find it brown and sometimes soggy. Yuck!

But I do enjoy salads and I’ve found a few things that work well.

One, if you love lettuce, try to buy it as a whole head rather than chopped in a bag. (Like the one pictured in this post.) Romaine is usually sold in 3-packs and if you just cut up one stalk at a time I’ve found them to last up to 2 weeks depending on how fresh it is when I buy it. I’ve had similar experiences with red leaf lettuce, and really any lettuce that still has the base attached.

                                        Usually I remove the stems from the spinach before serving it in salads or cooking with it. It takes some time and isn’t absolutely necessary though.

Another thing I do is to buy fresh spinach instead of lettuce. It’s a really good substitute in salads, but I also throw it in smoothies. It adds a lot of nutrition and the taste isn’t offensive. And if you’re still stuck with a ton of it leftover, cook it up for an easy side dish for dinner. It freezes well too, but I’ve heard you have to blanche it, and after using it for these things I haven’t had much need to freeze it.

Lastly, if your grocery store has a salad bar and you just need a little lettuce, say for tacos, you can pick up a small quantity there.

I hope this post has been helpful if, like me, you’re tired of seeing those yucky old bags of lettuce in the refrigerator drawer.



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