Rising Up Over Bad Food Choices



It was well after dinner one night. I sat on my sofa with my hubby on one side eating power bars (something that I really love) and my son on the other side eating some cookies. Right then I had this thought:

If I’m going to lose weight I must rise above the bad food choices around me.

And bad food choices are everywhere. Even if you live alone and work from home, you still go to the grocery store and walk by bad food choices there. At Publix where I shop they have their BOGO’s right up front as soon as you walk in. I’m always looking there for good deals, but I have to be aware of the bad food choices (at least for me). Like Nonni’s Biscotti. Please! I can’t trust myself with one box of those let alone two!

And most of us have many other sources of food that try to get in our way. From family to coworkers to driving by Twistee Treat, it’s a constant battle to rise above all those food choices around us.

But we can do it! If we think about it in advance and realize that it’s our decision it becomes a little easier.

Starting today, let’s rise above these bad food choices and get a little healthier everyday!


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