Watch How You Talk About Your Weight


Sometimes I feel like my eating and my weight is my own personal business. But it’s not entirely.

I found that out the hard way.

If we have families, they’re our number one audience. Especially our kids. It’s so essential to set good examples for them, especially our daughters.

I had a somewhat bad experience with my daughter. She remembers a time when she was about 8 and she overheard me calling myself fat and being quite upset with my state  at the time. I must have been having a bad day, and I had forgotten all about it over the years. But she remembers it well. The message I sent to her that day was “girls need to be thin or else they’re not worth as much.”

Thankfully she didn’t fully subscribe to that twisted philosophy, but some damage had already been done. Her world view of weight shifted a little that day. We’ve talked about it since, and she and I now have a better understanding of what was going on with me that day.

I had another experience recently when we were getting ready to go to hike at Arches National Park. The round trip to Delicate Arch, the most famous one out there, was 3 miles round trip. I was out of shape but thought I’d go to my local park and give a three mile walk a try. I made it, but I was exhausted and my feet burned with pain.

I was so upset at myself when I got home from the park because I knew I was going to miss out on a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I couldn’t make it to Delicate Arch. I said out loud, “It’s my own stupid fault for letting myself get so overweight and now my punishment is missing out on a great hike.” I was really upset.

More damage done.

She told me that what I should have said was “I’m not able to do that hike right now, but I’m going to work on getting in shape so the next time we go someplace I’ll be ready.”

That would have been encouraging to both her and me. But I blew it again.

And there may be other people in our lives who are looking at how we’re eating and what we’re saying about ourselves. And we may be influencing them too.

We need to keep our heads up, be realistic, and be positive.

We need to try to eat healthy most of the time and love ourselves as we are while we’re on the way to where we’re going.

All of us influence people in our lives. It may even be the neighbor who watches you go to the mailbox. It could be your coworker who you don’t even talk to too much.

What we eat, and what we say, is being heard more than we realize. And that doesn’t even take into account how our self-talk affects us.

Wow, there’s a lot to think about with regard to all of this. But if we start taking a more loving attitude with ourselves, everyone, will be much better off.




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