Do You Overthink Little Things?


Do you ever get overwhelmed at the though of doing something? This happens to me just about every day. Certainly every week.

Take today for example. We needed to move a large paver inside the garage. We’re using it to set under a mini fridge that’s going in my son’s room. I washed it right after bringing it home from Home Depot. I wanted as much crud off of it before I set it on the new carpeting. I left it outside to dry and now it was raining on it again. He’s going to be back home tomorrow. Now the piece of concrete has to dry again.

This little problem weighed on me. I wanted his room to be all ready when he got back home, and now it was delayed.

Well I decided that this was ridiculous and I just opened up the garage door and rolled it inside. Then I shut the door. It was heavy but manageable and the whole process took like 30 seconds. But I overthought it for days, believing it was too hard for me to do.

Why didn’t I just take charge and fix the problem to start with? Why do some things seem so overwhelming and then when you do them it’s really pretty easy.

How does this relate to losing weight? Maybe it’s the same way. Maybe ordering a salad with chicken over a burger and fries isn’t as hard as it seems. Maybe If I just do it, and get the failure mindset off of me, I’ll find that what I thought was really hard, really isn’t.

We have things in our minds that seem like mountains, but they’re really just little hills.

Maybe there are things in your life that you’d like to do but they seem too hard. Perhaps it’s going to an exercise class or joining Weight Watchers. Maybe it’s even something smaller like making a healthier switch for one of your meals. Consider if it’s a good idea or not. Would your doctor be okay with you doing these things? Is it something you think you’d enjoy? If yes, then go for it, but don’t overthink it.

And if you do try something and it’s too hard, you can always change things up a little. If you start by lifting 5 pound weights and it’s too much, go down to 1 pounders and build from there. If you decide to have a smoothie for breakfast rather than bacon and eggs, but find that you’re starving by 10:00 am don’t give up. Eat an apple for a snack.

Be encouraged to try things and not overthink them. That’s one of my strategies this year.

And as I strive to continue to lose weight, I’m going to start seeing things, like salads and moving pavers, as little hills. And I believe that’s one little thing that will help me get closer to my goal this year.



Copyright: <a href="">catalin205 / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

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