Is Your Dream Dress Size Realistic?


Usually I’m okay with being a 2X. After all, there’s plenty of clothes that fit me in stores today. Lot’s of people are overweight so I don’t feel like I stand out. It’s not such a bad size anymore.

But sometimes the “thin bug” hits me, and all of a sudden I want to be a size 10 again. This usually happens when I’m shopping for clothes. I hate it when I have to walk past thousands of beautiful regular size clothes at Kohls and head for the more limited plus-sized department at the back of the store.

I usually buy one or two plus-sized items, vowing that I’ll be back soon when I am that magical 1-0. But it’s been years and that hasn’t happened.

How thin I want to be and my ability to reach that goal seem to have a chasm that I can’t cross.

Maybe it’s time to adjust my goals. So today I sat down and thought about what I really think I’m capable of.

If I’m a size 20 wishing I was a 10 but not achieving that, maybe I should shoot for a 14 or 16. And that’s just what I’ve decided to do. Even though I have about 70 pounds to lose, what if I could just lose 35 pounds?

Would having a goal that’s more in reach help me reach that goal? I think so.

So today I’m armed with a new plan. After searching online for a chart that could help me reach my more realistic goals, I came across this one from Croft & Barrow. I really like it because I shop at Kohl’s so much, and that’s one of their exclusive brands.


If you’re a plus size, here’s another conversion chart:


Notice that a 20 (XXL) in the first chart is not the same as a 20W (2X) in the bottom chart.

Most times I just guess my true size based on how clothes at the store fit. I usually fall between an XXL in the first chart and a 2X in the second chart. But my weight varies, so I measured myself for accuracy. As of this morning, I’m closest to a 1X in my bust and hips, but right between a 2X and 3X in my waist. Yikes! I’ve got a lot of work to do.

And as uncomfortable as taking measurements this morning is, I think it’s really helpful for me to get to have a clear picture of where I am, where I’m going and how I can get there. These charts can help us find a realistic goal for where we want to be.

So after analyzing my current body size and looking at the charts, my goal is to lose 5 dress sizes, with a 16 being my current goal. I would like to be a 14 because it gives more wiggle room when trying on clothes in the regular-sized department. And I would LOVE to be a 10 because that’s what I was for much of my younger life.

But this is where I get tripped up. Setting those lofty goals for myself doesn’t seem to work. So I’m going with a more realistic approach. Size 16 here I come.

Losing just a few pounds, or aiming for a dress size that seems quite large may not seem very exciting. Don’t we all want to be a size 6? But in so many ways, these few pounds can make such a difference not only in how we feel in a dress, but in our physical health and mental self esteem too. It’s certainly a goal worth pursuing.

And choosing your perfect dress size is a decision only you should make. Forget about all the model-thin body images you see. Forget traditionally skinny. What dress size would make you feel better?

There was a time when I was a size 16 and thought I was so overweight. Now it’s my goal size. When I get there, I’m going to remind myself of how thin I really am. And I’m going to value that size, rather than wishing I was a size 10 again.


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