What’s The Real Reason You’re Eating?

what's the real reason you're eating_

This morning I had a power bar for breakfast because the hot water heater is being replaced in our house and I don’t have running water. At 9:30 I though, why not grab some more food. It’s a crazy morning. Plus with the coronavirus in full swing, nobody’s losing weight anyway.

It’s like my appetite wanted to have some kind of party because life is crazy right now.

And I had to stop myself and ask, what’s the real reason you want to eat?

Lunch is in 2 1/2 hours. A power bar isn’t a lot to eat, but certainly I can wait a couple of hours. I wasn’t really even hungry!

The real reason I wanted to eat is because eating, especially unhealthy food, is fun. My body enjoys it, at least for the moment.

And that’s where all my food problems begin.

It’s not that I don’t know what to eat. Some people don’t. It’s simply the fact that I eat for the wrong reasons. I eat because it’s fun. It tastes good. It’s something to do. It passes the time. It takes away stress. It takes away boredom. The food is there. Others are eating. And on and on.

And it’s so bad for me.

When it comes to eating, we shouldn’t be on autopilot. Each time we start to grab something to eat we need to ask ourselves why we’re eating. And if the reason is true hunger, then absolutely grab something healthy. But if it’s any of the dozens of other reasons, let’s just pass. Hunger is the only real reason we should be eating.



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