5 Ways to Eat Healthy During the Coronavirus

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What a weird time to be watching our weight. When this thing first happened, My thought process was, just get through it. Don’t worry about losing weight right now. It will be over soon. Food will be easier to get. Life will get back to normal.

That was several months ago. At first, I ordered a bunch of food from Amazon early on after seeing that San Francisco was ordering a lockdown. I thought that meant we wouldn’t be able to leave our homes at all-even for food. Since both of my adult kids are back home and I had them as well as my husband and I to feed, I was really scared.

Perhaps I let this Coronavirus serve as an excuse to overeat at first too. I thought it would all be over with by now. Not only was I wrong about that, I’m actually getting tired of overeating.

And I’m stuck with several cases of ramen and a shelf full of various canned and boxed foods in my garage.

Feeding four adults is a little tricky too. Unless I want to be a short-order cook, I have to compromise what I’d normally eat in order to have some sanity in the kitchen. I’m stuck eating whatever is available. I’m cooking two meals a day for four people, so I have to keep it simple. And with differing tastes, and lack of buying whatever I want, whenever I want, I can’t get too exotic or healthy either.

I’m stuck in the land of ramen and macaroni and cheese.

What’s a girl to do?

I’m learning to eat food that I normally wouldn’t choose, but doing so in a healthier way.

With some news sources saying this may go on longer than anyone expected, and some even reporting second waves until a vaccine is created, I’ve got to get back in the swing of things-now.

Because I don’t have the ability to eat exactly what I want like before all this started, I’ve devised a plan to at least help me now gain weight.

  1. Eat only at mealtimes, plus one snack in the afternoon if you need one. Since my family eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, I need to eat then too. I’ve been finding that I’ve been snacking much of the day, then at dinner I’m not hungry and don’t feel like cooking.
  2. Eat what they eat, but healthier. I don’t have to have cheese on my burger. That will save 80 calories. And I don’t have to have seconds. That will save 300 or so! I can manage my weight by eating normally if I make some small adjustments.
  3. Don’t eat after dinner. A seltzer or a cup of tea is a great nightcap.
  4. Be aware of my emotions. This is the most important step for me. When I watch the news I can feel myself start to stress. I want something to relieve that stress so I go for food. It’s ridiculous how much I’ve been doing this lately and I have to stop.
  5. Have an emotional outlet. I make greeting cards in my garage for fun. Click here to see many of them that I’ve made.) It takes me away from the world and really helps me destress. But some more readily available options are coloring apps, reading, knitting or crocheting, painting, walking, and of course binge watching things on Netflix (which I love doing too). It can seem self-indulgent, but if it helps us not eat, it’s worth it.

They say this will end, even though some days it doesn’t seem like it. But when it does, I want to be healthier, not heavier. And I want to set a good example for my family too. How wonderful will it be to say that we didn’t gain weight during this time.

And bags of ramen will be a thing of the past.


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