Hard Candies & Weight Loss

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I used to be against anything sweet. But I found that when I had that mindset, I would “go off my diet” so I could have something sweet then wind up binging because of the guilt I felt. Now I’m trying to be moderate in my desire to eat sweets and self-aware when I do eat them.

Have you ever just finished a meal and be quite full, but you still feel like you wanted something sweet? Somehow just a change in flavor is something that I often crave. When that happens I usually reach for something high in calories. Even having several small cookies or graham crackers can really add up.

Well just by mistake this week I’ve rediscovered hard candies. I was working on a craft project that involved filling jars with hard candies, then decorating the outside of them. Since I needed to try the candies I bought (I really didn’t, but you know how that goes!), I discovered that they were really good. I ended up keeping the jar for myself and putting it in my craft room.

What’s really cool about hard candies is that they satisfy your need for something sweet without adding a lot of calories. At about 12 calories per piece, I don’t feel bad about having one or two.

Because we live in a world where there are so many delicious desserty things to eat, our mind goes to those things first. Who wouldn’t want a caramel brownie or a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream after dinner? Because of that, the humble piece of small hard candy seems to have become a thing of the past. Or something reserved for kids or candy dishes in offices. But they’re making a comeback in my house.

Obviously we have to be careful, myself especially here. If I find I’m eating too many of them, as I share in this post, I will back off. But for now, these brightly colored pieces of sugar are giving me a little bit of satisfaction while still sticking to my weight loss efforts.

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