My Story

Unlike so many others, I haven’t been overweight my whole life. In fact, I used to be really thin.

But after I quit smoking when I was in my early 20’s, I began to eat a little more than I should. I was able to maintain a fairly reasonable weight because I was active. I went jogging and did aerobics. Step aerobics were my favorite for years.

Then, as I my kids got older, my interests shifted. Instead of spending time at the gym, I volunteered at their school. Slowly my weight crept back on.

I’ve tried various programs over the years. Weight Watchers, Dr. Fuhrman’s Nurtritarian Diet, Overeaters Anonymous (their plan, not meetings) were just a few of the programs I’ve tried. All were successful. I just didn’t stick with their plans.

So here I am. A good 50 pounds overweight. Trying to do it in a style that works for me. And this blog is that story.

Each day brings new insights and inspiration. And as I strive to work my way back down the scale, I share those thoughts and experiences, both good and bad.

It’s my hope that you’ll find in this blog a friend that’s walking the weight-loss journey right along with you.