Why Donuts?

I struggle with sugar. They say it’s not an addictive substance, but I’m not convinced.

But I don’t think I can avoid it altogether. I’ve tried that too. It  works, but it’s kinda sad too. And depravation leads to binging for me. There are so many yummy things that contain sugar. (I did have a birthday salad at a restaurant once, but like I said, it’s sad.)

So what do donuts represent? Junky sugar and cheap white flour.  They’re the lowest of the low when it comes to sugary foods. And that’s what I’m striving to be “done with.”

Right now I’m trying to seek balance. I’m learning to appreciate a Blood Orange and Pistachio Tart from a local coffee shop while saying no to a cheap grocery store pie, cupcake or donut.

I’m striving to make better choices with every bite I take.

And I’m learning that if I do go on a crazy white flour and sugar binge, to pick myself up, shake the powdered sugar off my feet and start again.

Someday, in my perfect world, I’ll only eat healthy foods and be a size 10. Until then, I’m happy when I’m just done with donuts.